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I'm Officially Licensed!

TL;DR — I've started hosting my own licenses on this very website.

👓 2 minutes

For the past few years, I’ve been releasing content under various licenses, usually linking to the “official” website for each one. But starting today, I’m looking towards the future, as I’ve finally added web-friendly versions of several of these licenses to this very website.

Right now, there’s only 3 (which makes sense, since that’s all I’m using at the moment), but with all of them excitement over the ORC license (and some other OGL alternatives), who knows what this brave, licensed future will hold?

Why Host Them Here?

Two simple reasons.

  1. I like having a simple, permanent link[1] to each license’s text (ideally, with my name on said licenses).
  2. If I’m going to have a simple, permanent link to each license’s text, it’s going to be hosted on my website.

See? Simple.

Where Are They Being Used?

I’m working on a few other fun projects right now, and I figure that having these links will be increasingly useful if and when I get them to launch.

Until next time, here’s to the future!

  1. Links updated 2024-01-26 to use directory URLs rather than direct file URLs. The old links still work and will continue to until they get replaced with “301 moved permanently” redirects to the new links. I also added the GPL to the list (in preparation for a super-secret project that I’m currently working on). ↩︎