Web Stuff

The web is, IMHO, the most revolutionary invention in information sharing since Gutenberg’s printing press. As such, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the web, and I do what I can to help develop it.


  • LinkLists - Lists of links (natch) to various web sites / resources, each pertaining to a different subject. Like bookmarking, but not. Updated (occasionally).


  • Mythic Wars - The site for my new tabletop game, where the gods and goddesses themselves battle for ultimate supremacy! Features a free print-and-play demo, lots of free wallpapers, and the comprehensive rules, among other things.
  • The Codex Mythica - An open-source web application I wrote which functions as a card database for Mythic Wars.
  • My Blog - An instance of the Known blogging software where I collect my various day-to-day musings.
  • My Code Repos - A private Gitea instance hosting some of my Git repositories.
  • The Wonder Dome - A private instance of the Pleroma social media software, providing Fediverse access to a handful of people (myself included).