Saheeli-Thopters (Commander)

Below is my Saheeli-Thopters deck for Magic: the Gathering (Commander format). It was last updated on 2019-02-16.

Each card listed below is linked to its entry on The Gatherer (the official MtG card database) and should open in a new window or tab in your browser.


Saheeli, the Gifted card

Starting Lands

In order to speed our games along, my gaming group allows everyone to start with 3 basic lands. The lands listed below are included in the counts above.

Changes from Previous Versions


This deck is still quite new, with the official Saheeli deck having just been released in August, 2018. It’s my first (and, so far, only) Planeswalker Commander deck, mostly because I don’t typically like using mono-colored Commanders, which all of the previous Commander-capable Planeswalkers were.