The Custom Planeswalker Cards of Saturday Night Magic

Inspired by the (now outdated?) notion that each Magic player is actually a planeswalker, I designed these custom (unofficial) planeswalker cards based on the friends that I play with during our weekly Saturday Night Magic games and our preferred play styles and decks.

And yes, I know they’re OP - that’s half the fun.

[ Set 01 | Set 02 | Set 03 ]

Set 01

This first set were created with the help of MTG Cardsmith.

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Set 02

A couple of years later (in 2021), I made a second round of these (still in MTG Cardsmith) based on our updated player roster.

Set 03

In 2024, I made a third round of these, again based on our updated player roster. This time, I used, which enabled me to use full-art cards with up to 4 loyalty abilities each (including static ones). The art for these comes from DALL-E.